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Behaviour during event Each contestant is supposed to behave a normal way during any event. Each contestant is expected to contribute to have a nice event. During the day one is expected not to swear, not to steal, not to use any drugs or alcohol and not to destroy any belongings. Also, one is expected to watch their own belongings and safety. The organisation of any event is not responsible for any damage to car nor person nor theft. Anyone is responsible for their own goods and safety!


A Chassis/frame AWD

A chassis or frame must be 1:10 scale touring car short ore long wheel base( minimum leght 255 mm) and must be powered electrical by 1 engine.

Bodies (hood)

The body must be on a 1:10 base and depict a real car. The body must look realistic when entering the event of competition.


A battery must always be a (6 cell) NickelCadmium/NickelMetaal Hybride battery or(2 cell) Lipo/ Life. Use of the so called lipobag is requierd!